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Mafroor…. The one who runs… Runs from exile… From chains….  From boredom….  From monotonous life….  From basic school of thought….

Mafroor is everywhere… Inside you and all… Who wants to get rid of all what has been imposed on him unwantedly…. 

I started this blog to share what I want to..  What is inside me…  How I feel… And all…. 

Yes mafroor is me…  And I’m writing for every mafroor of world…

Stay blessed 😉

Failure Is a Bruise, Not a Tattoo..

 Generally we define failures as the conditions or acts not achieving the desired ends. But, does it means that the person associated in such any event was incompetent or incapable of doing things? My answer is a Big No. I dare to disagree with this traditional myth about being unsuccessful  in life. I agree that failures generally leads towards disillusionment, however, it depends on many variables.
  There may be many reasons behind failures. I have gone through many case studies  and some very interesting historical figures as well. One very striking things which I notices in such cases their superlative intellect. 

Muhammad Bin Tughleq, the Indian ruler of  1325 A.D was one of such persons, who were much ahead of their time and people of those times didn’t have that level of mental caliber  to understand their policies and wisdom. Their are so many characters in global history who never achieved their deserved level of zenith because their people failed to understand their level.

My message is very simple and clear. Failure does not  nullify your skill or competency. It may be people’s inability to understand you. It should never be allowed to taint your image, because,* “failure is a bruise and not a tattoo”.   

* Quote of Jon Sinclair

Why We Miss People..

 Missing someone is something, done, on off and on basis. Can it be justified and why we miss people. 

  Human Psychology states different reasons about missing people and biologists put forwarded the secretions of estrogen/testosterone, and Oxycontin, a reason behind this action.

You might be wondering about the logic and ration of this phenomenon, as it seems in but, certainly it occurs. I am still not convinced with the logic and reasons of Psychologists and Biologists.

I have my own reasons to argue my case about that.  Do you have reasons to develop the feelings of lickings for others?. Well, You may have and You may be justified. 

But, I believe a bit different. We certainly have some reasons to dislike a person but, we have no reason to like a person. Feelings of liking can not be measured on the scale of reasons. 

​No Body Runs For Every…

Life has undergone through many changes and so have values been changes. I belong to a very “Conservative” and Extremely Backward” society. Some of my aunts were those, who never had any blood relation with us. I was told that my some of elder ladies have swapped their ” Dupatta” or Scarf them it was obligatory upon us to pay them same respect, which was reserved for our own ladies. I know a couple of male elders, who enjoy the same respect, by us, which was ordained for our grandfather. We were told that our grand father has swapped  his”Turban” with the Turban of that elder, so that they as dear to us as were our own grandparents. 

The kid of 50 years ago, has now become a ” Baba” (Old Man) and try to look 50 years back. Values have now become changed. We have now become very “civilized and educated people”. Such olden type of,

“unrealistic and unjustified” love and respect, has lost its place in our dictionary and practically is on the verge of “extinction”.
I honestly think occasionally, that, I may not equally be remained important for anyone. Perhaps, I too, has become, a rotten stuff and deserved to be placed somewhere in junkyard. All these are extremely bitter, but, a shocking reality.
Nobody Runs For Ever..


Just, one, directive, can save,

My entire life:

My Beloved Allah,
Just one word of “KUN”
No matter how filthy am I,

No matter, how, ugly am I,
My entire life,

Is nothing, but remorse?

My only wish is for recourse,

An Alms, giving sight,

Can turn away my plight,

Just, call me at your home,

I am suffering from this syndrome,

Days and night, I have cried,

To receive a call from you,

People have now started,

My creditability is going to be thwarted,

Call me, at your home,

I, have already been surrendered,

My acts, have been plundered,

There is dire need of urgency,

Just, a summon of clemency.

I Will Not Surrender

Ringing of bells has now started

My Energy is not to be thwarted

I know to have been beleaguered

Dam care to be battered

Fake Monsters are on the rise

To make horribly terrified

Not going to be petrified

Blockaded, not horrified

No way to quit the ring

Me decided to make a ping

But for what should I quit

Just for nothing should be hit

Up to you to get me chained

No care to be pained

Or Put me to the gallows

Disrespect not to be swallowed

No apology to be tendered

I am not going to be surrenderedAAEAAQAAAAAAAAq8AAAAJDBhNzcxYjIxLTdmZGMtNGJhZi05N2UzLWI1ZThmNjIwNTgzOA

Love has No language…

Love Has No Language…

You need not to tell other about your love. It will be reflected, by your attitude by your behavior, by your body language. Your attitude will make your loved one believe, that all of you are their ownership. This sense of ownership has to given by you and none else.


My Dora is lying on my bed because she knew that every thing which is owned by me, belongs to Dora. This is a depiction of ownership which is  being portrayed by my Dora. She needs not to tell me about her sentiment and I need not to her about my sentiment. It is body language, which is telling the whole story.


​Puppet Show..

Puppetry, has become a mode vibrant and impressive media to influence others and some of them are mentioned here under;

Shadow Puppets: 
Shadow puppets are flat, leather puppets made translucent  so that, they may permit light to pass through but diffusing it so that persons, objects, etc., on the opposite side are not clearly visible.  They are used mainly in epic’s episodes and can be called as philosopher kind of puppet. You may also see this breed on your TV screens in different programmes.
Glove puppets:
Glove puppets are manipulated by the puppeteer in full view of the audience. They are also called sleeve, palm or hand puppets. These puppets are used classical tales and can be called as intellectual and may identified in press and allied media.
 String Puppet:
These puppets are widely been used, all over and ever where. These puppets are controlled from above using wires or strings depending on regional and desired variations.
I have narrated some common kinds of puppets and it is up to you identify some more breeds of puppets in your daily life.
It looks very nice and impressive to see the puppets in action but saddest part of the story is, ,  that puppets are destroyed, when they play is over and are no more required.

​Love Has No Language.

I believe that love has no language. It is the most meaningful word in my vocabulary, something that can never be taken from me, and is a gift from the heart. Love doesn’t need to be expressed through words, sentences , phrases or any language because lovers understand each other with their looks , their smiles, their minds, their hearts and with their souls.
Love is the heart beat of the Universe,

It has no boundaries it’s very diverse…

We try to explain with limited vocabulary…

The end result an edited news paper story…

People will take someone life for it…

Or Sacrifice their own life because of it…

One word can heal the heart’s of just two…

Or Stop annihilation between two nations by truce…

Love has no language, barrier or limitations.

It’s just re-routed to our other sensations.

We are brought into this world by an act of love…

Then taken from this world from act of above…

Loves make us all color  blind…

So every race is equaled in our minds…

Love can produce miracles among-st the terminally ill…

From an un explainable force, God’s will…

Even if you are born without sight, sound, or speech…

Love will still find you through another’s reach….

​There is No Reality But Divinity

We have become worthless. I often think that why we are groaning under self created depression syndrome?  The immediate reply which I get is that we have distanced our self from Divinity and try to disfigure it’s structure, we become disturbed.    This is the prime cause of our spiritual destruction. We must realize that this universe was created by the Divinity in symmetry   and whenever we try to disarrange this manifestation, we make our self disarranged. 

 All of Creations are nothing but a multiplicity of manifested permutations and combinations of Divine Names and Attributes brought together through Divine Purpose. There is no aspect of Creation whose nature, qualities, character, form, potential, possibilities, capacity, behavior, and duration are not a function of the manner in which Divinity has arranged. 
The only resolution of this conflict is that we should kick out in housed Devil and should observe and preserve the sanctity of divine arrangement. You would not be required to become hermit in order to perform this function. You would simply have to wear those glasses to love and clemency which has been prescribed by the Divine Master. Give  space to each other and take a start from zero. Just Do It.

​Hell and heaven are within Ourselves 

A saint was asked once, how much fire would be in hell?. He said “there is no fire in the hell, each of us would carry our own fire in the hell”. The base of this universe was Love. We were not sent here to be a messenger and torch bearer of love. We were required to spread the divine of Love all across this universe. Are we really spot on to our divine task? Are we Brand Ambassadors of Love? These are questions which we should our self. 

Unfortunately, we don’t give any serious considerations to hundred  virtues of a person to treat with Love and Clemency and use microscope of ill mind to find just one blemish to slap sentiments of hatred and make his or her live miserable.


It is generally said that stockpile of mass destruction will kill the humanity from this Globe. This may well be true, but I strictly believe that perhaps the usage of these weapons would not be required to destroy the humanity. We come across the swarms of hate mongers in our day today life and we become part of this illicit propaganda. Continent may be different, language may be different color may be different, but these hate merchants are literally roaming the Globe.
Be a part of crusade  against these hate mercenaries.